Itís true, the Shark would eat you for his dinner

Whether you have fallen overboard or just a lazy swimmer

It makes no difference if youíre the Captain or just a second mate

The shark would eat you completely up and never need a plate

Last night I saw a shark on TV

He was big, almost a thousand pounds of man eating terror

and scared the daylights out of me

But anyone who thinks he is a malicious beast is living life in error

They had to roll him about with a fork lift just to handle him on the ground

The Moms and the Dads and Kids and the News media all gathered round

The guy who caught the shark was touching the great white teeth

When the sharkís jaw snapped shut, everyone screamed

But he wasnít hurt and everyone sighed in faux relief

Later some News man was slapping the dead sharks carcass on the head

Pretending that he wasnít afraid and telling everyone the story

An interesting footnote on the evening news before you go to bed

And to end the show, the camera zoomed in on the jaws still red and gory

As I laid there on my pillow

I pondered the shark and began to admire this magnificent fellow

Of all the things I have imagined that a shark could or would do to me

If I went swimming underneath the sea

I realized that he would make it swift and finish every morsel

I would provide sustenance for his every fin and dorsal

A least none of me would be wasted

But I pity the poor shark on the other hand

The shark that is sadly caught by a natural man

He is laughed at, paraded about and never even tasted

So in the end I wonder who is the most malicious

If you believe that itís the Shark, me thinks it is fallacious