Rose Vs. weed

Roses take heed, you had better beware

Weeds grow in the most unlikely  places

They seem to flourish in cracks or other vacant spots

where they can hide just off the main thoroughfare

There are Weeds that grow under and along side the freeway.

And ones that grow on the back streets and down in the alley way

Weeds have spread all over the intercity

Weeds with hollow eyes and wrinkled old faces

Weeds grow down by the beach and often near the railroad tracks

A cold, bitter wind ferried the seeds of the weeds in the winter air

here from the suburbs and even some places as faraway as Belaire

Many of the Weeds were born where they sit

Some one tried to transplant a Weed but he would have none of it

A repotted weed just withered and rotted

As City Hall established itís Weed abatement program

It seemed that no one wanted to tend the weeds, there was no one to care

Everyone said this is what I am going to do, no really I am 

But alas all that ever happened was that more Weeds grew.

Weed shelters were established but the weeds were only allowed inside

and given water when the temperature dropped below freezing

and the mayor wanted to be sure that no weeds had died

on the steps of city hall from pneumonia, you know coughing and wheezing

The stars come out every night, but Weeds only see them on Thanks Giving

Sometimes the Weeds see a Star on Christmas but itís rare.

The average Rose avoids Weeds and hardly ever goes

Where He might see a weed instead of another Rose

And the average Rose never ventures from his Garden, he feels safe in there

One large obnoxious Weed started growing in front of the local 7-11 store

He was hard to avoid and most of the Roses had a hard time looking him in the eye

Some of the Roses tried to smile as they would  hurry right bye

A fussy Rose wearing a TURBIN became angry

when the Weed fell asleep blocking the door

and chased the Weed off with a branch from a tree

Which all of this brings us to this storyís conclusion

To speak plainly and avoid any confusion

I canít say whether it is better to be needed or the one in need

But God made us both, the Rose and the Weed

(c)2000 Mike Boehret