Talking With Dead People


Whole conversations can be held

with just a loud thought barely more audible than a whisper

The dead donít need to be shouted at since they hear every thing

And they listen

             Sometimes things are said in anger

But the anger is never returned

The grieving widow rages at the departed man who left too soon

She screams out that the children have no company to keep

But the gentle words of enduring Love gently escape the grasp of the tomb

and rise to speak for the occasion

The widow finds consolation in her final conversation

Wherein an agreement is reached

He will wait patiently for her

And she will join him as soon as she has run her race

             Somewhere the last remains of a soldier lies on a battlefield

The soldier does not have to say a word

The grisly scene speaks volumes about the atrocity

And each fallen soul repeats the accusation

When will we listen

             Parents who have long since past on, visit our memories

And invade our thoughts

They talk about what was then so we can apply the knowledge for now

Little words that remind us who we are and what choices to make

Oh, yes, if Dad were here, I know exactly what he would have to say about it

             A man passed away and in the moments just before and after his passing

he said nothing

His whole life was his testament and he had already said all he had needed to say

Everyone already knew who he had loved, who his friends were

what were his joys and what made him sad

If you knew the man, you knew he never was much for small talk

             It is interesting to note that every sentence

we start in an effort to communicate with someone who has gone

usually starts with the word ďIĒ.

I miss you, I hate you, I want you back, I am worried

And so on

We need to be mindful that it is impolite to initiate such a one sided conversation

Since as long as a person is still here in our memory they are still part of we and us

             Finally, God promises that someday we will all be able to talk

with those who have gone before us face to face

We will all once again share laughter in Godís Amazing Grace