The Recipe for MOMís Chicken Soup

Did she hear a sniffle, Did she hear a sneeze

God forbid maybe a wheeze

To bed with you immediately

While she runs to the kitchen as fast as she can

It really doesnít matter whether you have a cold or the flu

She will conjure up a cure in no time, itís true

The big pot by the stove starts to boil and steam

And the refrigerator door flyís open, as she gets everything out

She will hurry and scurry and run all about

Thereís water of course and chicken, and salt

A dash of molasses and a touch of concern

Some bouillon extract and two ounces of recrimination

Her mother taught her how to make the soup

Just the right amount of worry

Stir in the chicken with a flurry

Put in pepper to create a tingling sensation

The pot on the stove is now starting to perk

She adds a little basil from the shelf way up above

But the Secret ingredient which always makes it work