Do You Ever Feel Small and Insignificant

Itís ironic that Great Events, monumental ones, which change the course of history 

They start out small enough just as the acorn becomes the mighty oak tree

Consider the egg and sperm in their habitat and they will demonstrate

How little things become kings and queens, presidents and other heads of state

A little bug, the plague, almost ended European society

And the splitting of an atom started the destruction at Nagasaki

It was a tiny pellet, a bullet that brought Lincoln and Kennedy down

A wink and a cigar  set Washington all a stir and made the USA  a laughing stock all the world around

The American Revolution was started in part because of a little tax on tea

Some small denial withholding rights that should have been free

It true that something small can bring about some great horrific woe

But did you know, small things can also turn to good because God made it so

Tiny grains of sand are formed to become computer chips and optical glasses  

Somewhere there is a teacher planting small ideas in little lads and lasses

Gandhi & Mother Theresa were small in stature but everyone knew their names

One tenth of a second will decide the winner at the Olympic games

A hair was used for the first filament in Edisonís light                                    

Genes can now be manipulated to cure cancer and restore some peoples sight

A kind word is big enough to conquer a world of hate                                   

And a single vote can seal our nations fate

It seems that some little thing is always changing the world and the way we live

I guess itís just a matter of choice, of what little things we give

One small voice  added to the choir, will enable a chorus that will forever stand  

If that voice is yours, consider how it might be the beginning of something really, really grand