Showdown at the Toys R Us Corral

They are having a Sale by golly, when man made mass marketing it was his greatest folly  

Cars flowed into the parking lot like rainwater into a low spot during a flash flood

People honking their horns looking for a place, they were desperate to find a space

Angry eyes flashed about, a Mother in the big Lexus SUV wanted to draw first blood

The fat bald grandfather jambed on his brakes and grabed her spot

She layed on the horn and he turned to see what was up, but a smile is all she got

The Lexus Lady was really, really mad at the fat bald grandfather parking his Cad

Now you may get away with speeding in front of a cop But you never want to make a Mother in a SUV blow her top

She backed up the Lexus and revved up the motor so that her engine began to whine

Grandpa sat there like a deer in the headlights and it occurred to him he had made a big, big mistake 

The Lexus Lady drew rubber in three gears toward grandpa’s cad before she hit the brake

Someone somewhere else might steal her spot but not this time, not today

The Lady in the Lexus was determined to be The Queen for the day

But when grandpa gave in and tried to back out, He backed right into the Lexus

God have mercy, The woman went ballistic. If she had a gun she would have shot the old dude right on the spot

But he just kept going and never looked back She would have chased him down but her motor died and instead she just sat there and cried

Because by then some foreign woman in a Yugo had wheeled right past both of them

And well… I don’t have to tell you the rest Except if you have a daughter that owns a Lexus SUV

Take my advice and listen carefully to me Never, never try to take her parking space

(C)2000 MikeB