Secrets By The Sea

Alone, we went down to the sea

All by ourselves, just my sweetheart and me

We whisper things above the oceans roar

And trade secrets while walking along the shore

We talk about nothing but say a lot

We remember things we almost forgot

We wait and we watch for a memory to share

Nature obliges us with visions of the rare

Pipers cavort while the tide dances at our feet

The day is well spent, its especially sweet

We saw ships and sail boats come and go

They were traveling to places we wanted to know

We found sea shells and a sand dollar

a smooth piece of glass, some driftwood and an old dog collar

I saved the glass for her in my pants pocket

She treasured the sand dollar like some special locket

We have come here before and we will come again

Because she is my confidant and I am her friend

The sun puts on a spectacular show as it sets for the day

A pelican flies out to watch it go down and we have nothing to say

The foam on the waves appears to turn white

And we are happy as our day at the beach turns into night

Someday soon we will return, my sweetheart and me

Because we canít wait to be down by the sea