There is nothing quite as reckless

As the husband

In the battle of the sexes

From the start you know itsí done

Heís fighting a battle which she has already won

Take for example a friend of mine who lives in Prescott

All he wanted out of life was his dog and a truck, well maybe a van

This is what he bargained for, it wasnít what he got

His wife wanted a racy convertible, black with a tan interior

His mistake was to be sensible, like any natural man

They argued, he said no, she begged and pleaded, please, please, please

The man is the weaker sex, as a negotiator he is decidedly inferior

"We could carry our tools and the dog in a truck"

But Honey, itís so romantic when your driving to feel the breeze

He didnít know it yet, but heíd just run out of luck

We can fit more groceries and some lumber in a van

Yes but you wonít have to sleep on the couch if I get my Sebring

He thought logic would prove his case, but logic didnít mean a thing

He thought he was still in control, and called upon his keenest wit

"Honey if we get the van, it will be easier for you to take the dog to be groomed"

His wife would have none of it

Thatís when the tide turned, the poor slob didnít know it, but he was doomed

Telling a woman that her chores will be easier just doesnít get the job done

If we get the convertible you can take me out to dinner in style

He threw out the cost of insurance on a sports car and let it lay there

She countered with a sexy look and a really raunchy smile

His eyes began to glaze over and she hit him with her stare

As the sun went down on the Arizona Desert that night

You could just barely make out the outline of a convertible going down the road

You could see a dog in the back seat with her tongue hanging out

The dealership had closed and the salesman had just turned out the light

And my friend was just beginning to wake up and wonder what hit him

"Oh My God", he was heard to shout

The new car was moving up that highway at about a flat 100 miles per hour

And my friend was really afraid for his sorry life

And yes he was reckless, behind the wheel sat his pretty wife

But before you judge him, you know, want to cut him down to size

If you know whatís good for you, and who really owns the power

You will have to admit he is also very, very wise