Now is The Time

There is something about Now that is very curious

Did The Now spring to existence from somewhere in the past

Or was it patiently waiting here for us

Maybe The Now happened because of a thing that we did last

But what if it really was racing back from the future

To meet us here and allow us to be

Is The Now preordained to be especially for you or for me

Perhaps The Now is just like a snow flake or a person

Maybe there is just only one

But  what if there is more than one Now

Could The Now have a Twin

In some distance universe, just Think, Wow

Is There a Now at the bottom of a Black hole

Could there be a Now without the presence of a living soul

No one knows for sure where The Now comes from or where it goes

Can a man live outside of The Now, God only knows

Memories are part of the days gone by

But The Now is when we happen, The Now is when we try

And Dreams donít come alive until some time tomorrow

The Now is reserved for the Joy of Living and sometimes for the feeling of sorrow

You can not revisit The Now once it is gone, The Now is not subject to recall

If I am going to do it, I have to do it in The Now or not at all

How long does The Now last and is it subject to capture

The Now waits for all things to ripen and mature

And then picks them at just the right stage for them to appear and exist

Everyone and everything has its time in The Now and its useless to resist

But how does The Now know when something is ready to unfold

And who Tells The Now that it is time to release itís hold

Is The Now infinite

Can The Now hold the universe and everything in it

Are the past and the future just illusions

Right Now, Iím not certain about drawing any conclusions

Where do the boundaries of The Now begin and where do they end

IĎve got a lot of questions about The Now, but there is nothing more to say

Maybe someone will have the answers someday

I guess I will just have to wait until The Then


(C)2000 Mike Boehret