On the Art of being Tree Like

Some fool made a sweeping generalization about trees once.

He said they were a stationary lot. 

Iím here to beg the difference.

They are not. 

Here is one who has traveled about 50 miles downstream

Just to visit the seashore

And provide a seat for some kids eating ice cream 

A lady came along and took one of his branches to make a driftwood artifact

Some art buyer from Europe bought it for a client in Amsterdam 

This tree has already been more places than most

But heís never said a word. You would never hear him boast 

The moral here is as obvious as it can be

If you really want to travel far in life

Never mind what some people have to say

But examine every possibility 

If youíre stuck in a stationary place

You can always exercise your wit

You can emulate the tree

And Just pick your self up and do it.


(c)1999 MikeB