A Love Story

Joe DiMaggio was an athletic man

Played Baseball, the favorite of many a fan

Heís in the Baseball Hall of Fame

And everyone knows his name

I admire him for his baseball plays

But what counts for me when I tally up his days

Was not the fun, the runs, or even how good he could bat

But something else that makes me want to be like him, the way I want to act

A marriage to Marilyn had briefly come and gone

For all his years this was just one small part of his life

But did you know he honored her for 50 years after she passed on

This woman who he always called his wife

Every day someone would visit Marilyn at her place of rest

and leave a single rose planted in a vase

Of all the people he loved, he loved this woman the best

He refused to let the years go by and take her memory to erase

Someone should nominate Joe DiMaggio to the Lovers Hall of Fame

Because he set some kind of record for every lover to try and match

And here then is the point that I wanted you to catch

As long as I am alive, Iíll love honor and cherish you just every bit the same

                                                                             Dedicated to Pam