Living Under the Flight path



I can stand out side my back door and see the lights of the airplanes

Coming from a long way off

Some of the planes might be from as far away

As from the East Coast or Seattle

It doesnít matter where they are from

I am jealous of them all

I can imagine the people up there just overhead

Buckling their seat belts

And putting the magazines away

Soon they will have arrived

And be all worried about collecting their baggage

But for now they are caught up in thoughts

Of folks they had not seen for a while

Or business to conduct


Ah, yes, the pilgrims are landing

And they will spread out to all parts of our state

Some will go South, others North

Everyone has a destination

And that is what I covet most

The great expectations

The thrill of new beginnings

The joy of anticipation,

In wondering whatís next

What will happen when I arrive

By God I havenít missed it at all

Tomorrow morning will come

And I have just realized that I too will be landing