The Last Time


You usually never know when the last time is going to come

The Last time never announces itself with bugles and the roll of a drum

Thereís the last time you climb into your mothers lap

And the last time you have to take a nap.

Last times happen so that we are forced to grow

And whenever the last time comes you wish it wasnít so

Thereís the last time that you will take that old dog for a walk

The last time you will sit down with cousin Maude just to pass the time and talk

God in his infinite wisdom always provides a new First Time to offset every Last Time

And Donít forget that each Last Time was preceded by a First

This means that the bad Last Times are out numbered two to one by the good Firsts

There is the last time your old car breaks down

Remember when you first got it and had to cruise around the town

And now Cruising around  in your new car  will be equally hard to resist

How about the first date and the first kiss

And the Last Kiss of your first lover

And the First Sweet Kiss of an another

The First Time a parent hears a new born baby cry

And the Last Tears shed over the passing of grandmother when we have to say goodbye

Those Last tears are soon replaced by the tears of Joy

Shed for a wonderful new grand baby boy

Itís true that Last Times are usually sad

The Last Time we see Dad

The Last Fish we catch or the Last Time we go home

The last two hour chat on the phone

There will be the last time you play tennis or run

The Last Time you roll down a hill just for fun

The Last Day on the job

And the last picnic with corn on the cob

The last time we are asked to put a band aid on an ouch

The Last time neighbor Jim will sit in our couch

The Last time you will hear mom out on the porch humming

But you can Bet that for every Last Time there is a wonderful new first thatís coming

The Last Breath that we take here on earth, which is feared by some

Will be the First Breath taking in the Glory of Worlds to come