The Kid was a killer, the one with the gun

He had no where to hide, no where to run

Why did he do it

And who can we blame

The kid was a killer, the one with no name

Whether they catch him, or shoot him, everything is set to go

The media will be there, The Six Oíclock News to make another dollar

We have an Exclusive, just on our show

We can squeeze a comment and a tear from the grieving mother and father

After all, the public has a right to know

After the sadness and moaning is done

People will start asking their usual questions over again

Was he an oddball who didnít have a friend

Why did he do it

The Kid was a killer, the one with the gun

Who is responsible, to whom can we point the finger of blame

The questions they ask are always the same

What was the reason this young man turned bad

Maybe It was his upbringing, an abusive dad

What ever can we do to turn the tide

What can we do to make murder and mayhem subside

Letís ban all the action movies and restrict the kids to just a diet of sex

No more games where you can escape, and you can imagine

We will only allow taxable games that can played with decks

Zero tolerance should be our passion

Letís put an end to clothes that they like and make uniforms the fashion

No more guns, knives, drugs, chewing gum, aspirin, and nail files

We wonít allow students to pray, hug, or dance, the bad ones will be weeded

But keep the teachers who are pedophiles

Because they have tenure and are needed

The Kid who was a killer, the one with the gun

The one who had no where to hide, no where to run

Once had a friend who was kind

At least she never laughed or made fun

But the school board threw her out for a year

She was caught in possession of some very dangerous gear

The blade on her nail clipper was far to long

And they had to punish her for what she had done wrong

This seems a little silly and doesnít make much sense

When we let things like intolerance, insults, and hatred

Behind the school yard fence