Joe was a slow man with big hands and a big face

He worked down on the corner at the fast food place

I wanted him to clean my table and made a fuss

But he was busy telling some one about taking the bus

Joe cleaned my table but insisted on talking to me

Bring me my burger while I get my ice tea

He smiled a smile that was bigger than normal people do

I was in a hurry and just wanted him to get through

Joe had a hard time articulating words, but said it was a beautiful day

I was mentally back at the office thinking about work

And Joe went on talking anyway

He was talking about his new bicycle, what a silly jerk

Joe asked me if I had one


He said "A bicycle just to have fun"

He was talking about fun and I was worried about saving my butt

I said I wish you wouldn’t bother me and go away now

Then it happened, I don’t know how

I was back twenty years riding my bike, free as a bird

Joe must have trapped me with some magical word

Every thing in the restaurant seemed to slow down

And I was in Joe’s world for a time

He talked and I talked but I really didn’t mind

Joe smiled and waived at everyone who came around

Most of the people tried to waive back

They took away more than just burgers in a sack

They already knew what I was about to discover

That Joe had the secret to life, he’d help me uncover

Joe doesn’t work at my pace

Hell, he doesn’t even run my kind of race

And even though he seems to be slow

Joe is smarter than most people I know

Joe saved string in a big ball and political buttons on his hat

He was thrilled when anyone would ask about them

And reconstruct the origin of each one as and actual fact

But his greatest treasures were the people who became friends with him

What a terrible, terrible loss it might have been

If Joe hadn’t had time to let me be his friend

Fast food and fast service, you can forget em

If Joe ever wants to talk to you, shut up and let him