I had a bright idea the other day, it was the best

Better than all the rest

It would have changed the world, well it could have

But I lost it somewhere in the living room, or maybe it was the den

While I was looking for a piece of paper and a pen.

I wonder if thereís a place where a good idea goes when you ignore it

or you donít recognize it for what it is quickly enough.

Maybe I left mine in the kitchen somewhere or maybe out by the trash can near all the discarded stuff.

The trouble is that when you think of something really important, You are never really expecting it.

You canít go out and a buy a good idea when you need one.

And your sure canít save them because they evaporate so damn fast.

Some times I wish I had a butterfly net to capture an idea the moment it occurs to me

 before it flys back off into eternity

It is to bad that an idea canít be caught by a mouse trap or fly paper so they would stick around for a little longer and last.

Dog-gone it. That thought was just the right the thought. It expressed exactly what I wanted to say

WellÖI guess I will just have to think the thought again some other day.

I originally wanted to tell you a great deal more, But my great insight must have walked right out the door.

And when it left my brain turned to mush and fuzz and I absolutely forgot what my idea was was.