The Fern

I happened to meet a fern the other day

I met her just by chance

When I went for a solitary walk

In the forest

She was so beautiful I thought that God

Had truly blessed my day

Because he had put the fern there

Just for my enjoyment

How Arrogant

The fern told me so, in no uncertain terms

Her only purpose was to enjoy life

By unfolding from the moist forest floor

and reach toward the rivulets of sunshine

That trickled down through the tree branches from heaven.

As I stood there astounded,

I could swear that I heard the sun rays shout

You arrogant fern

We are not for your enjoyment

Our sole purpose is to enjoy life

By raining down and warming everything we touch

We are completed

By now, the trees, and the moss,  two birds and even a mouse

All overheard the discussion

And each, had their own story to tell

When I finally left the forest

I realized that God may or may not have put the fern there just for me to enjoy

But no matter what his reasons were

That Fern sure was a beautiful sight to behold