The Last Of His Kind

Some where deep in the Amazon rain forest
a rare large green beetle and his mate live under a tree
Hidden away safely from us
they live life in obscurity
There are a thousand other little insects that live near him
And we have not yet identified one of them
Fifty miles away there is a farmer who needs more land
So he attacks the forest with fire in his hand
The farmer will clear burn about fifty yards in our beetle's direction
The beetle living for so many years in the forest without detection
The farmer burns a little bit more year after year
The beetle does not know that he has anything to fear
Sooner or later the flames will arrive
The beetle and all of his friends will not survive
He and his wife are the last of their kind
When they are gone there will be no more large green beetles left behind
No one will ever know that they even existed
All because no one cared or even resisted