Ban The Gun


You can argue all you want about banning the deadly gun

But you are wrong you know.

I can tell you that the gun is not the number one

Debate with me for a minute and see if it isnít so.


I have come to believe that the most dangerous weapon on the face of the earth is the knife.

WellÖ maybe itís the knife when coupled with the fork

No, actually thatís not quite right

Itís the spoon when wielded in the middle of the night


You can say the gun and the drive by

I say the fork and the French fry

You talk about the automatic weapon and armed robbery

Iíll counter with the donut and cup of hot coffee


Tell me about the gun hidden in the closet for little fingers to find

And Iíll show you a Lady with a Big Mac and an even bigger behind

You can bring up the fatal shot from a hunter very reckless 

But what about road rage, overwork, and on the job stress


With a gun someone could hijack your plane, auto, or sea going vessel

I know, I knowÖ Saturday Night Specials should be banned

But what about making Saturday Night Special

and removing the keys in a drunk drivers hand


Donít get mad and shake your fist

The gun is bad, but just as surely as a gamblers bet

The gun is way down on the list

In a place just below the cigarette


The Gun Gets all the publicity and mostly all the fame

But in the end, I hope that you agree

That the last thing we need to do is blame

A ďTHINGĒ instead of you and me