Here is a puzzle  one of lifeís mysteries you know

To solve if you can or stop right now

Just leave it an go

                                         This story is told strictly for a lark    

 Itís about a young lady who lives in the park

She was born with a sister and brother

But she had no father or mother

 She was not like the rest of us

She was born to a life of service

Racing to and fro from dawn until dusk

Following everyoneís lead with out much of a fuss

   some times she is up, sometimes sheís down 

High in the air or flat on the ground

Manic-depressive she might be

You never know what strange behavior your likely to see

 The beginner, the novice, and  the wise old teacher

All take delight in taking advantage of her

She willing accepts the abuse with out getting sore

The harder she is hit she comes back for more  

             Some people have cursed her and are often rude            

She has angered a number but never been sued

She accepts every person with the same rapport

With many a judgment being made about her in court

 The burden she bears is often gut wrenching

others who sit by the side are not really worth mentioning

Still she bounces around like a happy face

And is ever ready for you to step up the pace

    If you donít love her, she thinks that just fine

Her mission in life is to just stay in line

Over and under, back and forth and out

When she stays in you just want to shout

Well, I guess that enough about her has been said

It time we got busy with other matters instead

Her life is over and she is no longer young

Letís throw her to the dogs and let them have some fun